Is It Worth to Develop Real Estate Property Website Using WordPress?


WordPress has turned into a popular selection for the development of real estate property websites. However, would it be the best CMS (Content Management System) for your real estate property website? We’ll examine why it might not be the best option for website owners.

Why Real Estate Website Developers Are Using WordPress?

With WordPress becoming an open source and free platform, it may be the popular option for website providers and developers. Whether you are developing a community website or even a store with shopping cart solution, the provision of third-party themes and plugins enables you to achieve almost everything you would want.

WordPress offers to website creators an excellent starting point and tools to develop a website. Back within the early many years of our company, our website developers developed websites on your own with the code using Notepad.

WordPress now permits people to design and develop websites even though they have no expertise in coding. In fact, many people who know how to design and develop websites by WordPress now call themselves “website developers” even though they’ve no expertise in the actual website coding.

Exploit It Yourself – The WordPress Learning Curvature

If you’ve little or no proficiency in website design and development, the WordPress learning curvature is going to be steep. Hosting and mounting WordPress is definitely a threatening and daunting task. Even with the provision of installation guides, setting up of just WordPress itself could be a nightmare if you might have no expertise in the hosting lingo.

When you recognize WordPress mounted, you’ve a generic website that requires the setting up third-party themes and plugins. This is where we have seen most users just give up and contact us. They have a project they wished they never started, and also the time they’ve spent attempting to launch the website could have been spent towards growing their business and having more clients.


Having Somebody Develop Your WordPress Real Estate Property Website

Even if you might have somebody construct your website to suit your needs by using WordPress, we still see many users arriving at us for help. They still feel the website content is tough to manage and also the change with their design extremely difficult.

The main reason is always that since WordPress was made for everybody coming from all industries, there exists so much within the backend which it becomes overwhelming. Most site owners only require a small percentage of the features available in WordPress.


WordPress can build beautiful and attractive real estate property websites with many real estate property themes accessible to install. Themes give you an excellent starting point; however they still require customization to offer the website you desperately want.

A WordPress theme comes generic, requiring a substantial amount of customization to personalize it for the business. From my experience, a WordPress theme is only going to get you about 50% of in which you actually want to be with your site.

The other 50% requires stripping the loaded theme to merely the things you want, adding your own personal relevant content and images, installing of plugins, and design customization.

WordPress Susceptibility

With the buzz of WordPress come many struggles for real estate property website holders. One such chief and vital tussle is website security. Once a hacker finds one or other susceptibility in WordPress, all WordPress websites become offered to an attack. In November 2014, susceptibility was discovered that left almost 86 percent from the 75 million WordPress websites available to an attack. Just a month earlier, 800,000 banking authorizations were pinched from hacked WordPress websites.

If your site is built on WordPress, probably it is using third-party plugins. These third-party plugins may also contain susceptibilities making your internet site open to an attack. If a susceptibility is found within the plugins, you might be then at the mercy from the third-party developer to solve the security issue.

Now, it can be up to you if you’re going to make use of WordPress as the platform for your business or you aren’t. It is also your decision if you will try it for yourself or you will hire somebody to do it to suit your needs.

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