7 Ways to Monetize Your Web Blog Quickly

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Information is the unique generation narcotic as well as the key benefit of it is not having any negative effects. Just think regarding it? Each year our whole world is becoming more dependent on fresh news from real estate markets, financial markets, politics, environment, culture etc. Even though this social and technological phenomenon keeps evolving every minute it’s too early to say of complete qualitative development of this phenomenon.

Informational boom generally upsets with increase of spam, however website design blogosphere provides for us hope for the best. Now we have made a decision to highlight very necessary topic. Now an important question is how would you actually monetize your web-design blog?

 Now you will find out an answer of how to undertake it without difficulty. Present day marketing technologies are giving a growing number of possibilities to generate income from your design blog.

Using some of following tips will assist you to monetize your web blog. Provide deeper interaction along with your clients (visitors) as well as get unvalued expertise in internet marketing world. And remember that being a good blogger – doesn’t always mean being financially successful. So, below you will find out about some useful suggestions to earn some money from the web design blog.



The best approach to monetize your web  blog is to sell banner advertising Before starting to offer ads space do not forget one thing – Page Views are essential part of this process and that the more page views you will find the better your ends in selling banners are going to be.

3rd Party Advertising Platforms

There’s an advertiser, a publisher and the platform that’s a middleman being employed by a commission. These are classic nowadays utilizing a service like Google AdSense, Buy Sell Ads or some other program, that will take the exercise of managing your advertisers. Now plenty of web designers present many design-related items on their own blogs. It is probably the most powerful social groups within the net. So, why don’t you attempt it? The rule is very easy: big traffic=clicks=profits.

Affiliate marketing programs

There are an incredible number of various affiliate marketing programs suggested by different web-design companies. For example you’re able to offer website themes, promote stock photos or resell hosting. All of this stuff can improve your income immediately. Also you can acquire some extra advantages providing customization services for that products that you’re reselling (hosting reselling will give triple combo).

Become a Teacher

With a help of such present day communication technologies as Google Wave, Skype etc. You’ll be able to offer online webinars or tutorials. Sell your experience for your visitors and enjoy teaching!

Freelance Writing

Writing articles for cash is a very common thing on the list of bloggers. So if you’re confident in your ability as a copywriter, don’t waste time – go-ahead and look for prospective clients. The price depends upon the theme, words density and quality. Creating articles for other blogs is actually useful because you can improve your copywriting experience and put it on at your own project. Just remember that this occupation needs mobility mainly because you have to find clients on your own.

Job Boards

Considering experience with Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Wall and Mashable, it’s reasonable to express that such significant technique is going to be a highly reference both for visitors-clients and visitors-freelancers. This is a very flexible method that enables you to work together along with your colleagues and acquire perfect reputation on the list of clients.

Start Business with Friends

Do you’ve a friend who have a talent and earns for living by developing different programs or coding and so forth? Now it’s time to make business together. You can simply offer his products at your website. This business will probably be profitable for both of you guys. You will get the army of happy clients while using the right marketing approach.

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